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admin   9 June 2020

We would like to kindly inform you that in days 11.06 - 14.06.2020 a production break is planned at our plant. Please include

Tree guards – protection -not only against wildlife damage

admin   16 July 2019

Wild and domestic animals as well as rodents are a real threat to the growth and care of our trees. Barking, browsing or rubbing can lead to damage an

NOVMAX Leaf guard

admin   14 November 2018

Autumn - the leaves accumulate and make it difficult for the gutters to do their job. If you want to SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING GUTTERS - Leaf Guard

NOVMAX – Bird net

admin   14 November 2018

How to effectively protect trees against uninvited guests ? Delicious fruits on our trees taste not only for us! Birds also devour them, wreaking h

Have you got a pet? The plastic net could be useful

admin   28 August 2018

MULTIFUNCTIONAL plastic net, it is also effective and cheap solution to the problems faced by the owners of pets. The net is designed to effectivel

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