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Have you got a pet? The plastic net could be useful


MULTIFUNCTIONAL plastic net, it is also effective and cheap solution to the problems faced by the owners of pets.

The net is designed to effectively protect our animals from all dangers, but also to protect our garden from animal damage.

The use of the plastic net:

  • prevents access to the surrounded area,
  • fencing off flowerbeds and flowering plants,
  • designating the territory for training,
  • protects grass and creates an excellent deterrent for dogs not to dig holes,
  • creating aviary for birds,
  • fences from places dangerous for animals, eg car routes,
  • avoiding holes in potted plants.

Recommended nets: B1, B 04, B 1,7, B3, B4, SKN

If you are not sure about your choice, call us. We will choose the right product.

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