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NOVMAX – Bird net

Siatka na ptaki

How to effectively protect trees against uninvited guests ? Delicious fruits on our trees taste not only for us!

Birds also devour them, wreaking havoc on our orchards and gardens. So how do we save our fruits? We can do this by using a polyethylene net on cherries or other trees or fruit shrubs.

There are several different methods of deterring birds. However, it is important that the fight against unwanted fowl should proceed in a humane manner, without harming the animals. What’s more, some of the birds are under strict species protection. Stretching the net on trees is a completely safe method for birds.
The net has a small mesh hole, making it impossible for the birds to access the plants.

The net is FLEXIBLE and EASY TO ASSEMBLE. All you need to do is put it on a tree and then anchor it to the ground or fasten to tree trunk. What’s more, it can be USED FOR MANY SEASONS.
It is made of high density polyethylene and fully recyclable. The mesh is stabilized against the harmful effects of UV rays

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